The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) is a nationally ranked public university with over 17,500 students on campus pursuing a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Greensboro is located in The Triad; an economically concentrated area of North Carolina with strengths in logistics and retail and fashion industries. The University was founded in 1891 as one of the original institutions of the University of North Carolina.

UPP@UNCG Program Benefits


360 Total Care

Foundational Support helps students settle into their new environment with airport pickup, housing assignments with American roommates, insurance enrollment, and other services to meet their basic needs.

Personal Advisors meet students 1 on 1, and help them navigate the cultural and academic transitions they are faced with. Each student works on an individual development plan that charts their progress.

Parent Engagement provides personalized updates on each student so parents can stay be involved in their child’s progress, even when halfway around the world.

Academic Success

Personal Advisors help students transition to college by connecting them to academic resources and mentoring them on faculty relations.

Global Learning Curriculum teaches key skills beyond ESL; such as intercultural competence and academic success skills to help students start college strong.

Service Learning and Projects focus on hands-on learning and discovery to help students gain confidence and maximize their college experience.

Trips, Activities, and Student Life Events help grow the UPP community and connect students to campus life.

Career Success

Global Learning Curriculum gives students individualized plans for personal development to help their job searches after college.

Student Leadership programs develop leadership, teamwork, and other key skills to help them succeed at future jobs.

UPP@UNCG expands students’ networks as each student is automatically connected to a community of UPP students, alumni, advisors, and staff both in the U.S. and around the world.


UPP@UNCG is an all-inclusive student support program; offering Room & Board, Meals, Insurance, Books, UNCG or Interlink Tuition, Personal Advising, Study and Cultural Skills Classes, Trips and Activities, and other benefits. We help students make the most of their college education by solving some of their most basic problems; their living accommodations. We partner with the best housing options next to campus so that students can stay during long breaks when on-campus housing is closed.


Our comprehensive, year-long program covers students’ basic needs, and helps them with their biggest challenges as they adjust to a new environment. Housing accommodations come with American Roommate Matching, so students can benefit from an English-speaking environment and have better access to American culture. We help students with their insurance and medical needs.


To date, New Mind has awarded $15,000 in academic scholarships to distinguished UPP@UNCG students, which students can apply toward tuition at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. New Mind is pleased to extend this rare opportunity for scholarship funds to international scholars who demonstrate high academic potential.


The best start on a career often begins through student involvement on campus and beyond. The UPP@UNCG Global Learning Curriculum includes individual guidance that promotes a students’ personal development of the skills they’ll need to pursue their dreams.
UPP@UNCG students also benefit from our student life and leadership programs, which are designed to develop leadership, teamwork, and all the key skills needed to succeed after graduation.

The UPP@UNCG experience lasts a lifetime and reaches around the world! The connections and network that UPP@UNCG fosters gives each student a strong foundation of fellow students, successful alumni, and dedicated advisors and staff across the globe.


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